About Kimia Sanat Shima Company

Kimiya Sanat Shima Company began to start its activity to import raw materials in the double glazing Industry in 2008 and via the support of worthy customers and colleagues, initiated action to produce these products in the country in 2012. The quality-oriented attitudes of managers in order to maintain quality as well as customer orientation led us to take the market leadership of this class.

Product guarantee, expansion of sales agency network throughout Iran and the establishment of a technical service unit to fully monitor the production process of double-glazed glass are several measures that have been taken for the benefit of consumers.
In Kimia Sanat Shima factory, in consecutive years of production, in addition to increasing the knowledge, technology and skills of specialized personnel, the best technology of laboratory machines and equipment required by this industry has always been selected and used.

Quality policy

Quality policy Kimia Sanat Company, a producer of polysulfide, polyurethane, mastic, UPVC profile, Spacer, was established in 2008 with the aim of creating employment using domestic capacities and preventing the import of substandard products.
To achieve the above policy, the following items are included in the company’s work plan:

Satisfaction of customers

Customers are the focus and guarantor of our survival and development. Therefore, it is possible to fulfill our obligations by identifying, properly understanding their present and future expectations and needs, and meeting those needs and expectations.

Effective training of company personnel

We believe that in the shadow of regular and effective training, while reducing waste, the quality of manufactured products will also increase due to the widening horizon of personnel.

Establish a safe environment

For personnel, materials and products in order to create a comfortable feeling for the consumer

Increase production

Reducing productivity and increasing the production efficiency of its products, while reducing waste of materials and products during processing, will provide employment and activity for all personnel.


In order to meet this policy, the company has implemented the IMS quality management system in the organization based on the standards of ISO9001: 2015, ISO14001: 2015, ISO45001: 2018, ISO10002: 2014.